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Our team averages over a decade of information security experience. This includes careers with various security consultancies and security roles such as Security Officer of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Senior Security Analyst at the National Security Agency (NSA), developers of the U.S. House of Representatives Internet infrastructure, Chief Architect of integrity monitoring solutions for a global web-hosting firm, and developers of various tools and resources.

KoreLogic is headquartered near Washington, DC with staff located throughout the US in the DC area, Richmond, VA, Austin, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, and Miami, FL.

Why KoreLogic? KoreLogic differentiates itself from other firms in the following ways:

Customer Satisfaction/Retention - We are proud of the fact that our clients respect the work we provide and continue to engage us over time. KoreLogic's ability to retain its talented staff ensures project-to-project and year-to-year continuity.

Innovative - We solve hard security problems using our R&D knowledge base and our team's real world experience. The team is particularly skilled in discovering root sources of threats and vulnerabilities and recommending systemic solutions to help ensure long-term improvement.

Security Leadership - Our staff possesses great passion for the security discipline. This is reflected by the following:

* Winners of the File Carving Challenge at the 6th Annual Digital Forensic Research Workshop (DFRWS)

* Invited speakers at SIM, ISSA, and academic institutions (i.e. Towson, Norwich, Texas, Purdue University, George Washington University)

Authored various open source security-forensic tools and detection signatures

400+ Security Assessments completed (infrastructure and application levels)

Efficient and Experienced Management - We have a flat organizational structure for optimal efficiency. KoreLogic's President (bio) and Director of Security Services (bio) provide direct client services and operations management duties, both of which are senior security practitioners.

Expert Methodology - We emphasize expert analysis. We do not rely solely on commercial or Open Source tools, and we go beyond such tools by testing manually and writing our own specialized assessment tools. We are particularly adept at discovering root sources of issues and recommending systemic solutions to facilitate long-term mitigation.

Effective, Balanced Deliverables - We provide risk-based security advice that is tailored to be readily understood by both technical and management staff. We provide reports with recommendations that balance security needs against business requirements and operational efficiency.

Objectivity = Success - We recommend what is best for our clients with no back-end integration motives. We are completely vendor-independent. We believe that satisfied clients make us successful. Our success is not subservient to venture capital or other profit-first decision-making.

Focused on Security - We are not part of a larger diversified company. As a result, our focus remains on delivering superior information security services to our clients.

Our strategy and approach synchronize the goals and objectives of our clients. KoreLogic's core values of commitment - commitment to our client, commitment to secure business enablement, commitment to technological innovation, commitment to secure solution enhancement and evolution - are central to our solution delivery.

If you would like more information about us, our services, our tools, careers with KoreLogic, please contact us...


Please contact us if you would like more information about our services, tools, or careers with us.
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