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Analytical Solutions :
Digital Forensic Services

KoreLogic's Forensic Practice provides proven/trusted investigative experience to meet the challenges in Business as well as in Court. For our Forensic Services datasheet Click Here.

  • KoreLogic determines the facts; assesses their implications, conclusions, and consequences; and pursues a reasoned, experience-based approach to address the issues.

  • We specialize in high stakes investigations.

  • We employ defensible investigative techniques.

  • We work with Corporate and Outside Legal Counsel; Investigators; Litigation Support Firms; Corporate Security; and Human Resource departemnts.

When addressing your business information risks:

  • Are you analyzing all potential avenues and repositories of electronic data to determine the extent of the incident?

  • Are you using forensic analysis and remediation criteria to aid in your due-dillegence?

  • Are proper computer forensics software tools and methods to protect the evidence and establish a chain of custody?

  • Is your staff properly trained to handle one or more incidents and if needed effectively work with legal counsel?

To either answer these questions above or to support your needs to address service shortcomings, KoreLogic can help. KoreLogic offers the following specific capabilities that align with your business risk management objectives:

Support Services

  • Forensic Capabilities Assessment -

  • Forensic Program Establishment (Planning, Tool Integration, etc.)

  • Custom Tool Development

  • Incident Response Program Capability Assessment

  • Tier 3 Monitoring Support

Analytical Services

  • Incident Response
  • Forensic Response
  • Expert Witness
  • Malware deconstruction

Education Services

  • Incident Response
  • Computer Forensics
  • Malware Analysis
  • Customized Courses

Our team will work with you to determine and shape services to your specific needs, utilize your requirements to determine your level of business risk, and provide you with practical technical data and remediation approaches that address your specific business objectives.

Our seasoned consultants will leverage their depth of experience and will employ an approach that demystifies and translates the technical, social, and political complexities of information security into data that your staff will understand and use.

Korelogic Differentiators

Best practices from KoreLogic's R&D team and real world experience.

Exclusive focus on security R&D and security services.

Expert Methodology.
KoreLogic utilizes real-world and proven analysis protocols. We can think and act like skilled hackers.

Client Relationship.
High renewal - Strong references. We interact seamlessly with our clients' management, internal audit, legal and technical staff.

KoreLogic recommends only what is best for the client - period.



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