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Careers at KoreLogic

KoreLogic is a respected and innovative information security consulting practice. Our staff makes this happen. Their talent, drive, experience, and ability to solve complex security challenges have earned them the respect of clients and peers throughout the security profession.

Our Approach

Technical excellence -- KoreLogic is more than the sum of its parts. Everyone we hire is critical to our success. We are selective about who we hire to help ensure we surround you with equally talented peers to work with, learn from, and teach.

Custom testing and tools -- Our staff are some of the best in the business. They are seasoned, senior security consultants who hack by hand using open source and custom tools they (or others on the team) have developed.

Staff and client retention -- We retain talented staff by offering diverse, challenging work, and we recognize them for their accomplishments. We believe the way to retain clients is to deliver high-quality product and to support them with talented, motivated staff.

Small team environment -- KoreLogic operates with a small company feel, minimal management layers, and open communication, and we intend to keep it that way.

Innovative leadership by security practitioners -- KoreLogic is not subject to the direct influence of outside capital and decision-making that always puts profits first. This allows us to make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients and staff.

A KoreLogic security consultant is someone who:

Can fairly be called a security expert in one or more of KoreLogic's security niches. Refer to this website to get a sense of the tools that our staff have produced.

Enjoys technically demanding projects that require learning new technologies and techniques.

Measures the success of an assignment by the client's satisfaction level.

Has a strong work ethic.

Can communicate effectively -- especially with clients and colleagues.

Prefers a collegial work environment.

We are always interested in meeting people who match this profile and who have skills in the following areas: web application security, penetration testing (application, network, and host), security assessments of third party service providers, threat monitoring, security architecture development, security validation testing of new products, technical security training, and expert knowledge of one or more operating systems.

Please submit your resume (in ASCII text format only)
and contact information to careers_2017@korelogic.com [key]

Resumes in our database are reviewed for skill matches with current openings. Thank you for your interest in KoreLogic.


Please contact us if you would like more information about our services, tools, or careers with us.
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