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KoreLogic Rapid Application Development
- Solution Approach:

The Business Issue:

Many organizations lack the resources, either logistically or empirically, to develop user-friendly applications following a set of specifically-defined usage guidelines. Moreover, some organizations possess the experience and staff to undertake such an endeavor, but cannot execute the finished product in the accelerated development window offered by the KRAD service.

Often, clients of ours bring a problem to KoreLogic because:
  • They have identified a need that is too specialized to be served by existing off-the-shelf software.
  • They have an initial solution, but it is insecure or unreliable, and a better-designed alternative is needed.
  • They have identified a solution but it does not integrate well into their environment out-of-the-box, so they need help interfacing it with their existing infrastructure.
  • They have attempted to develop something in-house, but have run into resource constraints.
  • They have attempted a typical software outsourcing, but have received an inferior, unacceptable solution.

KoreLogic's Approach:

Our team has decades of both software development and security experience. Our code is developed using an iterative, prototyping approach resulting in code that is rapidly developed, reliable, and resilient.

The KRAD service provides tactical custom application development. We are able to take on a project with minimal lead time, rapidly develop the solution, hold periodic customer reviews throughout the process, and deliver the final product quickly. Periodic collaboration with the customer is the cornerstone of our process.

The KRAD team has decades of experience in software development and information security. We have worked at the highest tiers of the public and private sectors, successfully navigated DARPA's Cyber-Insider Threat (CINDER) Program and have generated novel security research resulting in conference appearances and technical papers. We have extensive experience in application development and security assessments, password cracking and strength enforcement, reverse engineering and tamper resistant solutions, and vulnerability discovery, mitigation and disclosure management.

Example KRAD Projects:

  • Source code repository integrity monitoring (DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
  • Malware analytic framework (DARPA)
  • Forensic digital file carving (Digital Forensics Research Conference)
  • An enterprise search architecture as part of a data breach response (Fortune 500 company)
  • A password cracking grid incident response, regulatory compliance, and litigation support
  • A firewall services inventory tool to support energy sector regulatory compliance

Contact us for more details on these or many other solutions we have created to address unique information security needs.


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