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At KoreLogic, we know that information security is best when implemented as an integral part of your business processes - it doesn't exist in a vacuum - and that generic, textbook solutions will not adequately address your business requirements.

Without an enterprise information security strategy and ability to support security program via expert delivery, coping with security issues is reduced to incident response, correcting vulnerabilities, and band-aid technology deployment. These reactive approaches waste time and money, and usually result in remaining security gaps or worse, a false sense of security.

Solution Delivery Differentiators:

We believe in expert testing over automated scanners. We use proprietary and public domain tools that more accurately simulate skilled attackers.

We effectively communicate with client audiences from highly technical staff, IT management, internal audit, to executive management.

The effectiveness of our service delivery is best measured by the level of repeat business that we receive.

Proven experience with a record of testing mobile and web applications, VoIP architectures, ASP's, vendors, and commercial entities and supporting technical incident response, analysis and forensic services.

We have extensive experience designing customized tools developed from assessing over 300 business-critical Fortune 500 enterprise environments.

Our seasoned consultants will leverage their depth of experience and will employ an approach that demystifies and translates the technical, social, and political complexities of information security and risk management into business needs that your staff will understand.

Our team will work with you to determine and shape services to your specific needs, utilize your requirements to determine your business risk, and provide you with practical technical data, strategies and remediation approaches that address your specific business objectives.

KoreLogic knows security. More importantly, KoreLogic understands the context of how organizations actually do business and that real issues need to be resolved. Such as:

Business Issue Examples KoreLogic Solution
How do we protect our revenue generating applications without affecting performance and usability? Application Assessment Services
We've implemented wireless / VoIP / mobile applications - how do we test the effectiveness of our security measures?

Testing Services

We need to test the effectiveness of our security measures and our ability to detect and respond, but we can't be the good and bad guys at same time?

Testing Services

We are targeted because of the sensitive legal data we hold about our clients. Are we doing the right things to protect it?

Law Firm Security Assessment

We've been attacked... An internal user got to data they shouldn't have... We've been infected by malware... How do we handle this and investigate extent of intrusion?

Intrusion/Malware Response and Forensic Support Services
We need to establish an effective threat and risk monitoring solution - what's the best solution for our environment?

Threat Modeling - Threat Monitoring Services

We are considering making changes to our information infrastructure - how do we know we are doing so securely and gaining the greatest security dollar ROI?

Architecture Review Services

We're unsure if our partners who connect to us are secure - We're about to merge another firm into our infrastructure... Our corporate and client data is housed on with a service provider - How do we know it's protected?

Third Party Assessment Services

We are considering purchasing new security technology for our information infrastructure - How do we know which is best solution for our environment and gives use the best security dollar ROI?

We've developed a new security product but we'd like some to confirm that our security measures will stand up - How do we test our solutions?

Evaluation Services

We need to establish regular security monitoring due-diligence and/or meet regulatory or industry compliance standards but we don't have the manpower to do so - what are our options?

Automated Monitoring / Compliance
Measurement Solution
Our users don't understand the risks of using technology in today's wide open information age - how do we educate them? Training Solutions


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