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Training Overview :

All training is delivered by KoreLogic staff who have extensive subject matter expertise derived from years of consulting experience. In addition to providing training to its clients, members of KoreLogic's staff have served as invited speakers in venues such as the e-Security Conference and the Society for Information Management (SIM).

Members of the staff have also presented at various graduate schools including the Naval Postgraduate School (The Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research), University of Idaho (The Center for Secure and Dependable Systems), Towson University, and The George Washington University. As a result, the KoreLogic training is rich with real-world case studies and the most current knowledge and techniques.

To ensure the highest quality, all KoreLogic courses are evaluated by attendees and the feedback is used to further fine-tune the course content.

For companies wishing to supplement training sessions, course material can be tailored to include real-world examples from KoreLogic's experiences with that company, such as using web applications of the customer's that KoreLogic has reviewed, incidents for which KoreLogic has provided Incident Response, and so on.

KoreLogic's seasoned consultants will leverage their depth of experience and will employ an approach that demystifies and translates the technical, social and political complexities of information security into understandable business needs.

Kore-101 Series - These introductory level courses are ideal for gaining foundational knowledge on the given subject. Modules in the Kore-101 Series are presented in a seminar-style format, and typically last one day.
  • Computer and Network Security Fundamentals
  • Hacking 101
  • IT Security 101 for Managers or Users
  • Incident Response and Computer Forensics Fundamentals
  • Web Application Security for Project Managers

KoreDump Series - These intermediate level courses are designed for attendees who seek to build on their current knowledge of a particular tool, technology, or concept. Modules in the KoreDump Series utilize a highly interactive lecture-style format, and typically last one to two days. Real-world scenarios are regularly integrated into the material to illustrate key concepts.

  • Centralized Log and Event Monitoring
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Incident Response and Computer Forensics
  • Penetration Testing
  • Programming (Shell/Perl/C) for the Practitioner
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Sniffing and Protocol Analysis
  • System and Application Hardening
  • Web Application Security

HardKore Series - The HardKore Series takes the KoreDump approach to the next level by incorporating hands-on exercises in a controlled laboratory-style environment. These are highly technical sessions that are typically tailored to meet specific needs and skill sets. Modules in the HardKore Series typically last two to three days.


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